Columbusing the Trap

Weed is legal, and a multi-million-dollar industry.  Fetty Wap got the New York Times‘ stamp of approval.  Emo-trap music is a thing.

As a wanna-be-about-that-life ratchet chic, I’ve respected the culture of the trap for a long time (if you still don’t know what “the trap” is, read this).  As Tupac Shakur once wisely stated, “Even though I sell rocks, it feels good putting money in your mailbox – I LOVE paying rent when the rent’s due.”  For decades, the hood has mastered finding ways to keep the lights on and bellies full, no matter the years of oppression keeping them undereducated and unemployed (in the “traditional” sense).

But haters have always hated the game the players chose to play, throwing brothers and sisters in jail for having even an ounce of ganja in their pocket.  But now, a wooly-bearded, hobo-chic hipster is to Brooklyn as a $900 Hugo Boss suit is to Wall Street.

Watching CNN’s “High Profits” for the first time (I know I’m late), I was left in utter disgust.  A young couple with a dream seek to build the world’s first legal marijuana empire. That’s the m@$#%f**king tagline to the show.  If the couple weren’t named Brian and Caitlin, that most definitely would have mentioned some demonizing type of language stereotyping LaShonda and Rayquan.

But once again, the dominant culture (cough cough, of a certain melanin persuasion) has columbused something others have worked hard to cultivate.  They’ve managed to columbus the trap – claiming as their own the invention of something CLEARLY not theirs.  I mean we already can’t have half of Eastern Parkway – are you really tryna take Linden and Rockaway Ave too? Y’all wish you could but know y’all can’t be caught out there.

NOT ALL, but a very large number of y’all are very guilty of just snatching shit out of our plate, eating it in our faces, and telling us “Oh my gosh, this is so great, you should try it sometime.”  But if I want authentic Italian food, I wouldn’t dare insult anybody by suggesting The Olive Garden.  So when are any of you gonna venture over to Grand Concourse for a taste of the real thing?

I’m kinda just venting, but I kinda wanna know – answer the question if you feel so inclined  -____-


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