I Got Frenemies, Got a Lot of Frenemies

The Frenemy Hug (not too close, please).
The Frenemy Hug (not too close, please).

It’s National Friendship Day today.  YAAAS, how cute, let’s take a selfie for the gram, says every petty-ass chic on the planet right now.  Call me a cynic, but today’s mostly a day for all us females (that’s right, I said females) to do kissy faces to post on Instagram in celebration of our “frenemies“.  No female experience is complete without that one friend who you’re not 100% sure is snapping pics of your awkward Nae Nae dancing in the club and secretly texting them to your crush (Why hasn’t he called me back in, like, a week???).

Don’t take that the wrong way, though.  Having a frenemy is a MAJOR compliment.  The more frenemies you have, the better (so long as you know how to manage them tricksters).  For example, there’s an old saying that goes “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  That is what you call a frenemy.  You can’t ever know if your enemy’s enemy REALLY and ALWAYS has your back.  All you know is that she don’t want that tocot* (that other chic over there) to succeed in life either, and therefore you make moves together strategically to divide and conquer (keeping your earrings off and Vaseline in your clutch, just in case).


Frenemies don’t have to always be that way (I am generally not of that persuasion – too much Machiavelian-ism for me).  Another way to think of a frenemy as a huge benefit is considering howthey keep you on your toes.  When you have a frenemy, it means you winning at something that’s clearly making the broad wanna give you just a-light-tap-on-the-shoulder frenemy hug with air kisses.  It’s in your best interest to learn what that is, own it, and continue to thrive at it.  Don’t let these chicas catch you slippin’ (you might bump your head, and wake up with all your expensive Peruvian body wave bundles gone).

So happy #nationalfriendship day everybody!  Find out who your frenemies are, and find some self-help books that connect with the goals in life she clearly envies you for reaching.  Keep working on your excellence boo boo.

*Just made “tocot” up, cause no matter how much I hate the fact that your thighs are thicker than mine, I will never call another female a “thot”.  I have (some) standards.


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