Wednesday’s Words to the Wise

I don’t know about you, but I’m about to catch a body.

Hump Days are the worst.

For those of you tryna get right with the Lord, the Dalai Lama,  or  Boromir, you know one does not simply resort to cutting a b#$tch just because it’s the middle of the work week.  I wanna send some positive thoughts your way, to recharge your spiritual vibrator and stimulate some zen in your life.

I present to you, Wednesday’s Words to the Wise.

For those not knowing which step to take next…

take time and stairs to think through your ish

Be sure to take some time, and the stairs, to comb through your thoughts.

If the walk to work this morning was particularly rough…

the next time a guy asks you to smile

Keep this in mind next time dude on the street asks you to smile 5 times side-eye emoji

For the parents on the A train dropping their children off at school/summer camp/grandma’s house…

horrible parents be like

And one of you will get decked if I keep getting kicked in my seat.   You’ve been warned.

To the bitch-ass co-worker who think they can come at me by stealing my stapler…


I will burn this building down if my Post-Its and binder clips go missing too.  You messing with the RIGHT one.

And lastly, for those at their wit’s end, though it’s only lunch hour…

just let this sink in

Just let that sink in.

Be sure to chew on these words of wisdom before you catch a case today.  I know this message was for someone out there, and I pray this reaches you in time.  Stay woke.


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